Obstetrics and Gynecology

This practice offers a full range of gynecologic and obstetric services, including well-woman examinations; preconceptual care; contraception; prenatal care and delivery; evaluation and treatment of infertility, menopause, menstrual difficulties, endometriosis, infections, etc.; screening and prevention for female cancers, including colposcopy.

Care Philosophy

At Loudoun Physicians for Women, we value our long-standing relationship with the families of this community. The health of the mothers, sisters, and daughters of these families is our primary concern. We strive to treat the whole person and create a partnership of health with her now and in the future.

Announcements as of April 2015

We now are proud to offer IN-OFFICE ULTRASOUND scanning in our Leesburg location with professionally trained sonographers 4 days a week. We offer nuchal translucency measurments, growth scans, biophysical profiles and follow-up evaluations of placenta previa and other fetal findings, as well as a variety of gynecologic ultrasound studies including sonohysterograms for patients with abnormal bleeding.

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding the latest recommendations for Pap smear and Mammogram testing and how they affect the frequency with which a woman should undergo a Well Woman Examination. While Pap smears to screen for cervical carcinoma in low risk patients* often aren't required to be done but every 3-5 years, there are many other things that are done during an Annual Well Woman examination, including thyroid and breast examinations; skin and abdominal examinations, bimanual examination of the uterus and ovaries; evaluation of bowel, bladder and sexual functioning; assessment for contraceptive needs and venereal disease screening; evaluation for osteoporosis and cardiovascular risk; pregnancy planning and fertility testing; mental health screening; treating menstrual and menopausal difficulties and so on. We recommend a woman see her physician, nurse practitioner or other medical provider annually to insure that her health is all that it can be. The old adage, "an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure" is truer than ever, and we want to remind you to call for an appointment if you believe it's been more than a year since you've been seen.

Our Patient Portal is now up and running. It will allow you to request an appointment or request a prescription refill online without playing "phone tag" with the office, and you will be able to access test results, summaries of your care in the office, etc. Urgent questions should still be asked by telephone to insure a prompt response.

We continue to get positive feedback on our IN-OFFICE SURGERY SERVICES, which we started offering in December of 2013. We're continuing to provide hysteroscopy, endometrial ablation, tubal sterlilization with ESSURE and Leep procedures under sedation in our procedure room. Many patients prefer the more homey atmosphere and quicker turnaround time than they get at the hospital.

Our merger with Capital Women's Care is now a year and a half old and we are transitioning from the Loudoun Physicians for Women moniker to the CWC (Division 49) brand by November of 2015. We continue to function as our own independent practice in all the important ways, but we also benefit from the experience and association with over 160 other ObGyn physicians in the MD/VA/DC area.

(*Low risk=age 30-65, no change in sexual partner, negative HPV screening, no prior abnormal Pap for prior 20 years.)