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With so many childbirth delivery options available to expecting moms, how do you decide which path is right for you? At Capital Women’s Care in Leesburg and Sterling, Virginia, the team of OB/GYN and women’s health specialists help patients pick the best delivery method for their needs. Since there isn’t one “right” way when it comes to childbirth, your feelings, preferences, and concerns are accounted for during such a momentous time in your life. Book an appointment today to begin planning your pregnancy journey.

Delivery Q&A

What type of childbirth delivery is right for me?

The stress of having a baby is great enough, without the added pressure of choosing the right childbirth delivery method. The team at Capital Women’s Care believes that each woman is unique and that choosing how to deliver is a highly personal decision.

The providers are more than happy to give you advice and recommendations about delivery based on your particular health history. Some patients may opt for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or for a natural childbirth, while in other cases a cesarean section might be advised.

Do you offer delivery for natural childbirth?

It is common for patients to desire a natural childbirth, and your physician does everything in her power to help you achieve this goal. There are instances, of course, where a natural birth might need to be reconsidered if there are dangers present to you or your baby.

It’s helpful to keep an open mind and to understand that labor and delivery always runs the risk of being unpredictable. Some procedures are necessary to ensure you are safe and that your baby is delivered without complications.

With a relationship that’s built on trust and understanding, you and your doctor will be ready for every decision that must be made during delivery. That said, all of the physicians at Capital Women’s Care are happy to talk about your “wish list” for delivery and make them a reality.

How can I prepare for delivery?

The best preparation for all childbirth delivery options is education. All of the doctors at Capital Women’s Care are expertly trained in OB/GYN medicine, so you can be sure you’re getting expert feedback from a caring and dedicated team.

Understand that in both spontaneous and scheduled deliveries, most births are performed by the doctor who is on call for the practice on that particular day. However, you can rest assured that only one of the Capital Women’s Care physicians will deliver your baby, as the practice does not cross over with any other OB group.

For planning purposes, note that the practice does not tend to schedule inductions of labor before 39 weeks or for reasons of convenience alone.

To learn more about delivery options with Capital Women’s Care, book an appointment today.